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Whether you are a collector looking for unique pieces or a lover of beautiful finds, come visit our merchants. They will accompany you in your research of the unique piece that will enhance your decor or the unusual object that will surprise your guests.

The true beauty of the territory will be revealed to you while traveling the Haut-Saint-François with a minimum distance between oneself and nature, in addition to a maximum of time not to miss its stunning landscapes.

There are a hundred small producers in Haut-Saint-François! Fresh eggs, organic meat, honey, maple syrup, garlic, flowers, squash, etc .; Our producers can meet all your food needs! Several receive you at the farm and offer picnic areas.

Taste the Haut-Saint-François

Try out a different way to spend time

Please note that participation in the Attractions Guide is voluntary. The Haut-Saint-François Tourism Committee is working hard to identify new tourism businesses on the territory. If you have not been contacted, we will gladly include you in this Guide. Please contact us!

Some of the photographs presented in this guide were kindly provided by the CDC of Haut-Saint-François and its photographer: Martin Mailhot.
Photos: Mont-Mégantic National Park / 123RF / Jonathan Mercier / Martin Mailhot - HSF CDC / Haut-Saint-François Regional Journal.

" Where heritage and nature unite"

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